Direct Primary Care Service

Welcome to my site!  My name is Miguel Estevez, a Eugene, Oregon based MD with a PhD in Molecular Biology.  My clinical experience extends back some 20 years at this point and it includes working at major University Hospital Centers for over a decade, a clinical setting where management of tough medical conditions was the norm.  For a detailed history see my Linkedin Page:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-estevez-2350904b/.  I am starting a direct primary care subscription service to allow me to provide more  in-depth, comprehensive medical care for my patients than I was able to provide through the current industrial model of medical care.  Accountants and CEO’s should not be telling me how much time I can spend with you,  especially if you have a serious nervous system condition. On average, in a hospital-backed clinic setting, physicians only let patients speak for 11 seconds before they interrupt them. This is not good medical practice. My clinic appointments are for 1 hour and listening to your concerns is my priority.  Here is a link to a site that describes this movement in medical care philosophy:   https://www.dpcare.org/org.  This model of healthcare delivery allows me to manage your general medical concerns and any ongoing chronic neurological conditions at the same visit as part of your overall general medical care.  You will always leave your clinic visits well-informed about where your health currently stands.

I will place all my years of clinical experience at your disposal to help you live your life more abundantly in sound health.  

See Membership Fee Rates:   Membership Fees

Second Opinions for Difficult Medical Conditions.

My medical consultations are based on the philosophy of being compassionate and comprehensive in my evaluation and in discussing options for care including therapy with natural products, conventional medications, Asian medicine, and referrals for more invasive studies or interventions if warranted.  Your evaluation with me will cover all aspects of your medical condition including potential  autoimmune and nervous system disorders.  When a doctor implies your concerns are all in your head they have failed as a physician.  My conversations with you will be very different.

Here is a link to my CV describing my background in Medicine and Neuroscience  My CV


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