Does someone you love have Alzheimer’s disease

Brain activity
Illustration of the thought processes in the brain

Alzheimer’s disase is the most common brain degenerative condition in the world.  It affects memory and the ability to interact fully with the world you know.  The disease is more likely to affect someone the older they are over 60 years old.  The first symptom that is observed in patients with this condition is a loss of sense of smell.  This may be subtle but it  but can sometimes be detected at home with the peanut butter smell test.  Studies have found that the ability to smell the odor of peanut butter is more intense in the left nostril than in the right nostril in patients that will develop Alzheimer’s disease.  Since this is the earliest sign of the illness it allows you to direct a loved one to the doctor for testing of their brain function.  Starting treatment early can make a difference in the long-term outcome.

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