Services Offered

Direct Primary Care Service

The Direct Primary Care Serice with Dr. Estevez is offered with a  simple membership pricing structure. The low monthly fee takes the guesswork out of your medical expenses, giving you peace of mind. The tiered pricing model is based on the age of the patient. Because of my background in neurology any patients with chronic neurological issues would get follow-up for these issues with me as part of their DPC membership.  Click “Enroll Now” to get started! 

Ages 16-24   $30 per month

Ages 25-44   $60 per month

Ages 45-64   $90 per month

Ages 65 and above  $120 per month


Medical Consultations

Medical Consults and follow-up for difficult to manage medical conditions are offered at a flat rate.  I was a professor of neurology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for over a decade and have first -hand experience diagnosing and defining treatment for patients with complex medical and neurological problems.

Medical Consultation  $200

Consultation Follow-up Visits  $200

Pay for Consultation Services